ELEMANCERS: Light and Dark – Kickstarter Demo

ELEMANCERS: Light and Dark - Kickstarter Demo


ELEMANCERS is a 2-6 player team-based fantasy strategy board game that pits the Light Faction against the Dark Faction.

The elements of Light magic (beast, fire, celestial) and the elements of Dark magic (necro, ice, shadow) forged the Cosmos and the world. Following the Primal Gods vanishing from existence, the clans of both Factions now rise up to claim the land for themselves. Both of which are trying to dominate the other by either gaining enough elemental power or resurrecting their Primal God at the Hollow of Fate – the very spot where the Gods were last seen.

The game incorporates area control, dice/card creature combat, resource management, secret objectives, legendary weapons, and ancient lore. Approximately 3 hours to play.

ELEMANCERS Kickstarter October 11th 2019

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