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Enter dreamworld, a land where thought is language and language is power. Travel vast landscapes and discover strange cultures. Fight Abhumans, Dragons and Nightmares. Mold the dreamworld to summon monsters, create cities, speak the language of beasts, become a queen, and do anything you can imagine… but in the end, only your Memories of your waking life stand between you and the coming of Dawn.

Dreamland is a tabletop RPG inspired by the fantasy worlds of Lord Dunsany, HP Lovecraft and Italo Calvino. Using a unique Word Tokens system, Dreamland is an adventure in roleplaying and improvisation, where each character receives bonuses for their in-game use of language to deepen the fairytale mood.

Tags: Adventure, Emotional, Exploration, Fantasy, Melancholy, Play to find out, Suspenseful

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