Dream Askew

  • Sat Oct 18, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Avery Alder Mcdaldno
  • Dream Askew
  • Adult Themes
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Dream Askew gives us ruined buildings, ruined lives, ruined faces, loaded handguns, psychic powers, heartbroken underdogs and turbulent skies, asking “What do you do next?” A diceless game about forming queer community amidst the apocalypse.

Additional game tags: queer, MCless, diceless, meandering

Tags: Adult themes, Adventure, Apocalyptic, Collaborative, Drama, Emotional, GM-less, Player antagonism, Potentially triggering*, Serious, Sex and Sexuality

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2 comments to Dream Askew

  • Bryan Hitchcock

    This game has more people listed than there are spots. Is there some method to this madness? 😉

    • Yep… the games were so popular this year that bookings were made within fractions of seconds of each other and the database did not register the event was full until more than the allotted number of spots were taken.

      To resolve this (and others), I’ve gone based off timestamp and dropped any players over the cap (sending an email explaining it as well).

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