Did I Fall Asleep?

Did I Fall Asleep?
  • Sun Oct 13, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Dave Leaman
  • Freeform
  • Adult Themes
  • Intrinsic to scenario: exploitation, powerlessness, hopelessness, loss of loved ones, dissociation. Subject to player veto: sexual exploitation, drug abuse, murder, suicide, accidental killing.
  • Lines & Veils, Cut/Bake, Open Door Policy, Script Change, In-game content veto key phrase
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You must have had a good reason for signing that contract with the Company. Giving them months of your life, letting them wipe your brain clean and overwrite it with who knows what. Allowing them to give you someone else’s personality and memories, rent you out to wealthy customers, and repeat the process over and over.

But now you’re getting free. You’ve been told that your contracted term has come to an end, and that you’re going to be given your original personality back and released. That is, if you still want to be the old you.

Did I Fall Asleep? is a freeform larp for 6-12 players and one facilitator, that runs in about three hours. It explores the question of what it is that comprises one’s self, and raises issues to do with mind-body duality. This larp is serious in tone, and is scheduled to include ample time for debrief and aftercare. Note that most themes in the warnings may be vetoed before play, and there are mechanisms for removing them once play is in progress.

Tags: Dark, Emotional, Freeform, Improv, Modern, Play to find out, Potentially triggering*, Sci-Fi, Serious, Sex and Sexuality

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