Día De Los Muertos

Día De Los Muertos
  • Sun Oct 13, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Shane Liebling
  • Cheat Your Own Adventure
  • Adult Themes
  • Lines/Veils, Open Door policy, Script Change
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Do you remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books from when you were a kid? Whelp, get ready to experience that again, but as both the author and the reader. Oh, and we’re really making movies not books…

The Día De Los Muertos horror franchise went to nine films. All but one of the films focused on the killer Janice Griggs. The crazed killer who donned a pig mask and slew her way into legend — forever to be known as Porkface! We’ll be playing through films three, four, and five:

  • Season De La Bruja: A talented dancer has been accepted to a school for gifted young women. What will she do when she discovers the school’s true purpose: to find a suitable bride for the Dark Lord Satan?
  • Return of Porkface: A young boy gifted with psychic powers must explore his family’s past and learn the truth of his connection to the legendary killer Porkface.
  • Noche De Terror: A screenwriter has been asked to deliver a script for a new entry in the legendary Día de los Muertos horror franchise. But can he keep himself together as the line between fantasy and reality begin to blur?

This game has no GM and one character. You will describe what happens to the character (all in second person, i.e. “you,”) handing off narration rights at different points. Sometimes you’ll narrate success and sometimes failure. The dice will decide which!

The tone tends to be on the darker side but also a bit campy.

Tags: Collaborative, Dark, GM-less, Horror, Play to find out, Rotating authority

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