Deep in the Woods that Hunger

  • Sat Oct 18, 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Brian Isikoff
  • Fantastic Heroes & Witchery
  • More Weird Tales pulps, less High Fantasy
  • PG-13
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Recently an Oroboros Airship has crashed deep in the Morfarsing Woods, that wretched living forest of chaos and terror. A Prince of the High Kingdom was aboard, so it falls to you, a mercenary adventurers brave (and stupid) enough to traverse miles of hungry woodlands and ravenous beastmen. Bring him back alive before agents of The Y’till Principate can take him hostage, or worse, spores of Morfarsing warp him into something less than human, and fortune awaits! Fail and, well… Don’t.

Tags: Adventure, Exploration, Fantasy, Horror, PG-13, Pulp, Suspenseful

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