Death Star Disaster

  • Sat Oct 17, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Alex Miller
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The toilets don’t even flush yet!

The First Death star was 160 km in diameter, housed 5000 sundry turbo lasers, Ion cannons and tractor beams. It was inhabited and crewed by 1.7 million Imperial military and civilians, had the most advance hyper drive core motivation system in the galaxy, and was armed with the largest planet destroying mega laser ever conceived. It was brought low by exactly six Bothans, one beat up X-wing fighter piloted by a rookie farm boy and his obsolete astromech droid…

Oh this time it’s going to be different tough.

The new Imperial battle station is nearly 900 km in diameter, deploys 17 times the amount ship to ship firepower, and houses 40 times the personnel. Its mega laser is still just a single planet destroyer but this time they gave it its own Hyper Matter reactor so when they fire that bad boy up, the showers don’t go cold and the holovids don’t go on the fritz for the rest of the day cycle. Well Look on the bright side, they say it is costing the empire over 30 trillion credits to get the monstrosity “operational”, so they probably won’t miss a few million here and there.

Well here we go.

The order has just come down that we’re operational. Operational? We don’t even have doors on the bathrooms or hand rails on the cat walks. You can fly a fleet of carillian frigates through our Posterior sector for the love of the emperor! They tell me that its okay because we are protected by a planetary defense shield projected from a lightly defended bunker on a remote forest moon. Everything is going to be fine, we are going to crush the rebel scum once and for all… Like last time…

How much did they say thing cost again?

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