Danger on the Scent Border

Danger on the Scent Border
  • Fri Oct 5, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Luke Crane
  • Mouse Guard
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Can your patrol repour the scent border before the Territories are invaded by predators?


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3 comments to Danger on the Scent Border

  • Dennis Baum

    Luke! You rule, man. Thank you for running a great game! We may have failed to accomplish our mission, but I left feeling pretty good about what we did accomplish!
    Ooooohhhh… the twists! The dreaded twists!

  • Dennis Baum

    Hey there Steven. I know Cait (“Cat”), but I don’t know you. From the looks of the schedule, we’ve got very similar tastes in games, and we’ll know each other pretty well by the end of Big Bad! The three of us are in three games together this weekend: Scent Border, Oakland Haze, and The Gift. And the Saturday day game you’re in (In the Dog’s House) was the one I was going to try to get into if I played on Saturday day, but I bowed out. That’s it… just saying hey…

  • Dennis Baum

    Looking forward to this game! Thanks for running this, Luke. I’m looking forward to meeting you and playing at your table!

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