Damocles Falls

  • Fri Oct 17, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Joe Harney
  • Apocalypse World: Battlestar Galactia
  • Apocalypse Galactica
  • PG-13
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  • 4
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40 years after the First Cylon War, the Cylons have returned and their wrath has brought humanity to the brink of extinction. The remaining humans, led by the crew of the Battlestar Argonaut, have fled in hopes of finding a new home, known by legend as Earth. After the initial onslaught, a new terror was discovered. The Cylons can now appear human and have infiltrated the fleet from the inside…

Tags: Adult themes, Apocalyptic, Collaborative, Dark, Drama, Intrigue, PG-13, Sci-Fi, Serious, Suspenseful

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