D-Day the Fifth of June

  • Sat Oct 5, 4:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Gil Trevizo
  • Godlike
  • Mature Themes
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June 5, 1944: This day the soldiers of the First United States Army Group set upon a mighty endeavor, to storm the beaches of Calais, liberate occupied France from the yoke of Nazi tyranny, and begin the Allied invasion of Western Europe. As the main force crosses the narrow straits between Dover and Calais, you, the men and women of the Third Talent Assault Group are to join the American 9th and 21st Airborne Divisions to parachute deep behind enemy lines, take key positions, and hold them against the onslaught of German infantry, panzer, and SS-Überkommandogruppe that is certain to follow. History will forever remember this place and this moment: Calais, the Fifth of June.

GODLIKE is a game of super-powered role-playing set during the Second World War. After the first superhuman appeared in 1936, over 150,000 “Talents” have since manifested across the globe by 1944. With their abilities, the Talents can overwhelm mundane enemy soldiers, but those same abilities make them vulnerable to other Talents, and even the most powerful Talent can be killed by a single lucky bullet. In GODLIKE, you play characters that are larger than life, but the war is always larger than you.

Tags: Adult themes, Adventure, Alternate History, Character Investment, Combat, Dark, Drama, Emotional, Emotional Complexity, Gore, Graphic Violence, Gritty, Intense, Military, Nihilistic, Strong storyline, Super Powers, Suspenseful

2 comments to D-Day the Fifth of June

  • Thanks, Mike. This is the game you played at Dundracon. Looking forward to September 7, when registration opens. Too bad I already played Angels of Salvation: great game!

  • Michael Garcia

    This game sounds like the one I played at Dundracon. If that is the case, then this game is brilliant. Hell, you may of already known that. It is a Gil Trevizo game afterall.

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