Cults & Conspiracies

Kenneth Lekashman
  • Board/Card Game
System: Original
Date: Oct 29 4:00pm (1 hours)
Spaces: 6
Attendee/Player Age: 18+
Safety Tools: Open Door Policy
Cults & Conspiracies is a social role-playing game where you draw two prompt cards and use them to fabricate a story about a bogus belief or crazy conspiracy. Make your friends laugh or think, and hopefully, win their vote. Take on the role of one of the archetype characters and be prepared to roleplay. There are no rules when it comes to your storytelling. We encourage you to exaggerate, get into character and play with the themes of the game to stretch the limits of your imagination.


  1. GET INTO CHARACTER. Use the acting cues found on the Persona Card to step into the shoes of a character such as Rowena Augur - The Witch, a mystical soothsayer who can see the future.

  2. COME UP WITH A STORY. Draw some cards. What idea is at the intersection of your cards? Pitch your idea! Could aliens be stealing cows in order to put them on display in fantastical Zoo with Earthling livestock? Embellish your story with confidence!

  3. DEBUNK. The judge will poke holes in what you just said!

  4. JUDGE. The round judge picks the winner!

Tags: Freeform Improv Modern Aliens Sci-Fi GM-less Comical Play to find out

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