Crystalia: The Archon Ball

Michael Garcia
  • RPG
System: Thirsty Sword Lesbians (PbtA)
Date: Sep 29
10:00am (duration 6:00)
Room: 2019 (8)
Spaces: 4
Attendee/Player Age: 18+
Safety Tools: Script Change,Open Door Policy,X-card,Lines/Veils
Characters: Created at the table
You are the Necromancers and their Death Knights of the Imperial Necrohorde, servants to Lich Prime, the Conqueror of the Galaxy. For two centuries, the Necrohorde has warred with the Archon Alliance to conquer their homeworld of Crystalia, yet only half the planet is under the your control. The Princesses of the Archon have proven to be troublesome adversaries, countering your might and wrath with beauty and love. Thus, you have decided to infiltrate their ranks and defeat them from the inside. The first part of the plan was a success, as you have mostly gained the trust of the Princesses, yet now they wish to make you into Princesses as well at the Grand Archon Ball. It would be the perfect opportunity for betrayal, but can you go back to the life of cruelty and hatred of the Necrohorde when you have tasted the life of a princess?

Thirsty Sword Lesbians by April Kit Walsh is a roleplaying game that celebrates the love, power, and existence of queer people-specifically queer people with swords and a lot of feelings. Flirting, sword-fighting, and barbed zingers all mix together in a system designed for both narrative drama and player safety. This innovative take on the Powered by the Apocalypse engine is a breeze to learn and ensures that no matter how the dice fall, something interesting happens to move the story forward.
Content Advisory!
Romance, Deception, Energy drain, Death, Necromancy, Past Atrocities Committed by the PCs and NPCs, Redemption of evil characters, forgiveness of evil characters, punishment and consequences for evil acts committed prior to the game

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Date: Sep 29
10:00am (duration 6:00)
Spaces: 4

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