Crypt of the Everflame

Crypt of the Everflame
  • Sat Oct 14, 6:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • David Dernier
  • Pathfinder
  • Cut/Break
  • Contra Costa II (59)
  • 6
  • 4 of 6
  • Provided


The young heroes of the town of Kassen are ready for their coming-of-age ceremony, an old tradition in which they retrieve a piece of the eternal flame burning in the tomb of the town’s founder. Yet when they arrive there, they find only the corpses of their fellow townsfolk, dead bandits, and mysterious animated skeletons. The novice heroes must brave the traps and perils of the Crypt of the Everflame, discover the source of the corruption that has awakened an ancient evil, and defeat a menace that seeks vengeance against Kassen and its people.

This is your chance to adventure with fellow gamers—Come enjoy the fun!! It is a good idea for players to be familiar with roleplaying games in general and knowing the Pathfinder system is helpful. Beginner players are welcome to this event.

Game held in the Teen Room (Contra Costa Salon II). This game is open only to teens for the first two weeks of registration. After that it’s open to everyone. For more on teen games and events see Teens at Big Bad Con

Tags: Adventure, Beginners, Exploration, Fantasy, Intrigue, Investigation, Play to find out, Serious, Strong storyline

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