Crowdfundr - Your New Sidekick!

Jessica Marcrum, Leon Barillaro, Armanda Haller, David Barach
  • Panel
  • Practicum
Date: Apr 1
8:10am (duration 00:50)
Jessica Marcrum, Leon Barillaro, and Armanda Haller will share with moderator David Barach their experiences with Crowdfundr, how it fits in with their creative goals, and in which ways they think the company’s creator-centric approach — including creators retaining ownership of their audiences and ability to fully brand their pages — could offer creators a more holistic, reliable, and sustainable model for funding and career development.


Jessica Marcrum (she/her), also known as angrynerdgirl, is a gold ENNIE award winning writing director and game designer. A co-founder of Unseelie Studios, she has created the Buddy System as well as contributing to publications for A Thinking Ape, Cubicle 7, Hit Point Press, MCDM, and The Onyx Path.

Leon Barillaro (they/he) is a game and narrative designer for stage, table, and screen. They have written for companies like MCDM, Ghostfire Gaming, and EN Publishing. In November, Leon successfully crowdfunded O Captain, an original solo journaling game they co-wrote with Scott Bullock. Leon has also worked with Crowdfundr as their spotlight ambassador to build connections between their team and the ttrpg community.

Armanda Haller (she/her) is a bi woman from Argentina, living in a small town surrounded by nature. A TTRPG designer who focuses on solo gaming. A sci-fi fan, and The Lone Somm on Plus One Exp. A poet and a sommelier as well.


David Barach (he/him) is a serial entrepreneur who has founded, led and sold three social enterprises that provided fundraising technology. He is currently the president of ConnectionPoint, makers of Crowdfundr and is excited about helping TTRPG creators get their projects funded.

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