Creature Features

  • Fri Oct 4, 7:00 PM - 1:00 AM
  • Bryanna Hitchcock
  • Monster of the Week
  • LE Playbooks
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A bloody good time for five awesome monster slayers. Solve a mystery, uncover a monster, slay it. Warning: Creativity required. Laughter and Funny Voices may be involved. Use with caution.

Tags: Adventure, Apocalypse-Powered, Combat, Gore, Graphic Violence, Horror, Investigation, Light, Modern, Move Engine, PG-13, Play to find out, Romance, Suspenseful

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2 comments to Creature Features

  • Bryan

    Rachel, it would certainly be better if you could stay for the whole game. I’m sure it will have a big finale. However, I appreciate your enthusiasm and interest in my game. I’m sure we can make it work. If you need to leave any earlier, it would be best to let someone else take the spot. See you at the con!

  • Rachel Fagundes

    Hello there! I am really looking forward to this game, but I may have to leave early, like between 12 and 12:30ish. Is that going to be ok or would that be terribly disruptive for everyone else?

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