Cooperative Trinity: Microscope, Kingdom, Fiasco

  • Sat Oct 17, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Christopher Allen
  • Microscope, Kingdom, Fiasco
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Microscope, Kingdom and Fiasco are all GM-less cooperative RPG games. We will be exploring three of the the most popular systems, braiding their stories together.

The players will be divided into tables of 4 to each play a 2-hour round of Microscope, and the end of which they design the seed for a round of Kingdom for the next round. One player will remain, the rest will go to the next table for a 2-hour round of Kingdom. At the end of the Kingdom round, seeds will be created to begin a 2-hour round of Fiasco, one player will remain, the rest will go to other Fiasco tables. After the final round all players will circle up to share their experience.

The nature of cooperative games is that topics can sometimes divert into potentially triggering plotlines — we will be using the X-Card to create a safe environment for players.

The facilitator, Christopher Allen is the owner/publisher of RPGnet, is co-author of the new book “A Friendly Game: The Design, Practice and Theory of Cooperative Board Games” and is working on a sequel on Cooperative Play.

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Tags: Alternate History, Collaborative, GM-less, Potentially triggering*, Rotating authority

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