Coffee & Game Design breakfast

Coffee & Game Design breakfast
  • Sat Oct 12, 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
  • Meguey & Vincent Baker
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  • California A (Panel)
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Coffee & Game Design Breakfast with the Bakers! Twice a week, Meg & Vincent & Elliot, occasionally also Sebastian and Tovey, get together with other game designers in western MA for coffee and conversation before the workday (and occasionally on Saturdays!) We’re excited to have guests at Big Bad Con for a special west coast edition of this east coast favorite! Game design is solidly on the menu. Bring your breakfast and/or morning beverage of choice and start your day off nourished!

Born to internationally known game designers Meg (she/her) and Vincent (he/him) Baker, Sebastian (he/him), Elliot (he/him)  and Tovey (he/him) were doomed to a life full of polyhedral dice underfoot, spontaneous playtests over meals, and shelves and shelves of games of all kinds. It’s a rough life, but they make the best of it. At least one of them has been enchanted by the game design fairy; there might still be some chance for the others.

Image credits: Meguey Baker. 

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