Chapter One…of the Unwritten Tales!

  • Sat Oct 8, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Jesse Coombs
  • In A Wicked Age
  • Two chapters if time allows.
  • 16 or older, please.
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This is sword & sorcery roleplaying! From the book:

In this wicked age…
…Gods, demons and mortals contend with one another for power…
…Law and civilization are new, and no one is their master…
…A simple midwife can set in motion the downfall of tyrants and great empires…
…Your birth is not yours to choose but your fate is what you make it.

During the session we will be playing out a piece or two of an unwritten anthology of fantasy stories. Who you play will be determined by an oracle; anything from a sleeping war-goddess to a devout tinsmith. The rules are simple but brutal, sparing no character, yet championing others. And that’s only the first chapter…


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