Cats Like Food (Humans Like Sleep)

  • Sat Oct 15, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Zeb Dezern and Isabel Malonzo
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Good morning, humans! It’s time to feed me!

Good morning, cats. Go away, we want to sleep.

As on all days, the three rent-paying inhabitants of apartment 4 are trying to sleep in after a long day or possibly night of work, play, and animal care. As on all days, the feline inhabitants rise from the comfortable spots they have found on top of humans and furniture, meowing in the hopes of being offered all the food in the house as early as possible. And as on all days, “Traitor” Jo, the mischievous parrot, and Draco, a wily ferret, have a couple of schemes running in the background. They just might work, if everyone else keeps dreaming.

Cats Like Food is a light social game about achieving your dreams, delicious snack food and the sleep-deprived antics of 3 humans and their 7 animal companions. Negotiate, work together (as much as cats ever do) and try accomplish your goals individually and in groups as you role-play to communicate across your species’ language barrier(s). Get in a short cat nap, if you can! This game includes a character whose gender is non-binary.

The cats want to be fed, but the humans want to keep sleeping. Animals, especially cats, are difficult to reason with. Humans, not being cats, are also difficult to reason with. Would it be any easier if everyone were speaking the same language? Probably not.

Enjoy a social game of breakfast and conflicting needs, for 10 players of all ages.

Cats Like Food is a light-hearted romp from the bedroom to the pantry, to the bedroom, to the pantry, to the bedroom, to the pantry, to the bedroom…. Snacks (of the people-food variety) will be provided. Please use the casting questionnaire we’ll send out in advance of the con to let us know how we can best accommodate any dietary or environmental sensitivities. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Truth Sans Justice GM team via [ justicesanstruth @ gmail . com ]!

Tags: Collaborative, Comical, Hijinx, Light

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