By Aecer’s Light

By Aecer's Light
  • Sun Oct 13, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Mad Jay
  • Burning Wheel
  • Adult Themes
  • X-card
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A Kickstarter Funded game.

To protect them from a world devastated by the wars of elves, Aecer hid the Roden from the light of the world.

After the age of Elves, it was Men who discovered the nest of Roden, set fire to it and stole the lamps of Aecer. The children of Aecer are exposed to the light of the world, once again. The Roden are sometimes advised by the last Elf that lives in a ruined tower above their nesting caves. In the ancient wood nearby are the fierce Wolfen, massive, bipedal wolves. They are a brutal, xenophobic people and the Roden’s closest neighbors.

Without the lamps of Aecer to hide them, the Roden must decide how to live in the post-elven lands, and if they have the courage, the strength… the blessing of Aecer, recover their stolen lamps.

Tags: Adventure, Collaborative, Drama, Fantasy, Graphic Violence, Light, Play to find out, Serious

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