Burning of the Irminsul

Burning of the Irminsul
  • Sun Oct 15, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Nat Skinner
  • Helheim Unbound
  • No Content Advisory
  • 10
  • X-card, Open Door policy
  • 579 (26)
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Come join on the side of the Franks as the last push is made to burn the heathen Irminsul and teach the Saxons the price of resisting Charlemagne! This is a fast-paced short adventure using the Helheim Unbound system where you’ll get a taste of character creation and a solid introduction to the game mechanics.

Helheim Unbound is a modular RPG currently in development. The first setting for Helheim takes place primarily during the thirty-year Saxon Wars of the late 8th century between the Frankish Empire under Charlemagne and the Saxon resistance under Widukind. Track down the source of a series of recent raids, join the Franks or the Saxons in waging open war, or take up raiding yourselves and carve your own way through history.

Tags: Adventure, Alternate History, Beginners, Collaborative, Combat, Serious, Strong storyline

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