Breaking Systems & Capturing Inspiration: Delving Deeper!

Rae Nedjadi, Josh Hittie
  • Panel
  • Topical
Date: Mar 31
10:10pm (duration 00:50)
We return to bring you even more examples, ideas, and tools to help you break systems with precision and capture inspiration effectively. What's the art behind translating ideas into mechanics? What do we aim to break to best support your creative vision? How much can you break apart before your game careens off the rails and jumps off the cliff? Let's talk about it!


Rae Nedjadi (he/they) is the breaker of systems and enjoys the art of translating inspiration into mechanics. He is the creative force behind Sword Queen Games, and has created notable games including Apocalypse Keys, Cozy Town, BALIKBAYAN: Returning Home, Our Haunt, among others! You can find more of Rae on his tumblr and!

Josh Hittie (he/him) enjoys writing kind of weird, kind of spooky, and frequently a bit of both, games that encourage players to build and create stories together. His work ranges from the collaborative horror experience Extracausal to the surreal hangout jam Fractal Romance. His minimalist game of gothic fantasy, Death Mask was part of the ENnie Award-winning 2021 Level 1 Anthology. You can him on twitter @ostrichmonkey and on

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