Big Queer Dance Party

Big Queer Dance Party
  • Sun Oct 13, 12:00 AM - 2:00 AM
  • Jackson Tegu
  • Dance Party!
  • California A (Panel)
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No games here, let’s just dance!

Hi, I’m Jackson. Among other things, I write and run dance larps and teach dance classes.

This is a dance party for all bodies and all genders and all levels of familiarity with dance. Aka the BEST KIND of dance party!! We can do solo dancing, partner dancing, group dancing, whatever.. Some rules:

  1. Be kind to yourself.
  2. You’re a better dancer than you think you are, I promise.
  3. Be kind to everyone else (but I don’t need to say this because everyone here will be the sweetest).
  4. Let’s have a blast!

So I’m gonna lead some stretches and a movement/dance workshop focussed on feeling connection with the music & with one another (rather than specific fancy moves, though we’ll provide some moves for sure.) We’ll talk about consent on the dance floor & how that works.

I’ll be playlisting stuff we like to dance to back home (a variety of genres), but I’ll need a little help from you to fill out the evening – just think of a track or two if you like, we’ll have an organic way of getting stuff played.

So get your hair big, face did, and bring your sparkles, colors, wheelchair, cane, platforms, velcros, cut-offs, button downs, ear protection, water bottle, display wear, t-shirt, or whatever else you’re feeling.

Except like, no flow toys, ok hippies? The room’s too small and dark and I’ll be fearing the worst at every moment.

Arrive & depart whenever, just remember to hydrate!

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