Big Bad History

  • Sat Oct 6, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Eric Zimmerman
  • Microscope
  • Adult mind, playful spirit
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Colonists tame a new world, but are cut off from the old…
Superhumans are among us and change the world…
Few survivors rebuild society after the Apocalypse…

With Microscope we’ll create the history of a new world. It may be somewhat familiar, it may be completely alien. We’ll focus on the interesting parts, and make all the parts we focus on interesting. You will take control of the story, improve the boring parts, explore the curious parts, and work together to create a varied tapestry.

This is a game where you will flex your creative muscles to shape a history. Bold or shy, everyone will share in the creation equally.

If this sounds like it could go anywhere, you’re right. But to ensure that there will be a common ground, common interests, we’ll default to one of two options if no other premise can be agreed upon:
The magical creatures of a dark land and the new human animal.
A stellar empire stretches across the stars, too quickly


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