Big Bad Gauntlet: Superheroes – GM Signups

  • Sun Oct 16, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Fate Core
  • Venture City
  • Adult Themes
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  • Templates provided for customization


This year’s Big Bad Gauntlet has a super hero theme. Using the power of Venture City for Fate Core, this year’s gauntlet will bring four cities to life, and bring the struggle of good v. evil to vivid life in a four table event. Agents of W.O.L.F. will observe the tables and work with the Wolf and the GMs to provide an amazing super hero RPG experience.

GMs – 4 seats

You will GM a team of superheroes tasked with protecting a city of your choice. The city may be real or fictitious to reflect your vision, but one thing is certain: your city is imperiled by a menacing arch-villain, the Iron Wolf. As GM, you will have a super villain of your own, an ally of the Iron Wolf, driven to break the city’s spirit and crush the heroes.

This will be a GMing experience unlike any other — you will be asked to think beyond the usual boundaries of game play and to devise unusual and unpredictable off-the-table strategies of subversion and rebellion. GMs will be contacted with more details and information prior to the con.

Fate experience is helpful, but the super power rules and event guidelines will be explained in advance and during the orientation at the beginning of the event.

Super Heroes, aren’t those complicated?

Not with the new Venture City rules for Fate Core. But still, we want to play real damn heroes, not spend time learning new rules, right? Each team will have a group of hero templates to choose from, with Skills and Powers allotted and nothing else. You might choose an ice hero, but her name, look, origin and backstory will be yours to create. For GMs there will be a selection of super villain templates, again, with only Skills and Powers. Everyone gets to make up an interesting character integral to the story of their city!

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