Big Bad Gauntlet – Audience Participation

  • Sat Oct 17, 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Big Bad Gauntlet GMs
  • Fate Core
  • Adult themes
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Come be an actively participating audience member of the Big Bad Gauntlet! Audience members will be observing the factions and their Leaders, as well as the Adversary and their Agents, as they all struggle for power and influence. What will you do when you see injustice? Are you on the side of the status quo, or do you favor the underdog? Will you attempt to intervene, or remain an observer? Will you risk the consequences of being caught aiding and abetting outlaws, or will you help try to quell the rebellion?

Big Bad Gauntlet is the successor to Big Bad GM. A collaborative (rather than competitive) contest for each table to, as the name implies, make it through the gauntlet!

(Big Bad Gauntlet – Audience Participation is exempt from the game sign up quota – It doesn’t count against your total)

Tags: Adult themes, Adventure, Collaborative, Exploration, Fantasy, Intrigue, Play to find out, Provocative

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