Big Bad B-Movie

  • Sun Oct 6, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Lalita Devi
  • Microscope
  • "Rotoscope" - a tweak of a tweak, inspired by Jackson Tegu
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Hey, remember that *terrible* B-Movie we saw on late-night cable that one time? There was that one scene…

Rotoscope is a tweak of a tweak of ‘Microscope,’ utilizing blank cards and collaborative storytelling to re-create as much of that terrible B-Movie as we can bear to remember. Was it a mystery? A monster thriller? A terrible teenybopper romance with the most horrific one-liners known to man? Bring a bag of popcorn and prepare to snark or be snarked.

Because the content and story will all be collaboratively created in-play, there is potential for this to be an all-ages game or for it to be potentially triggering and graphic. This will be discussed as a group before play begins, with an explicit opportunity for players to vote themes or subjects “in” or “out” of the game.

Tags: Collaborative, Play to find out, Rotating authority

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