Battle of the Boy Bands

Battle of the Boy Bands
  • Fri Oct 11, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Clio Yun-su Davis
  • Battle of the Boy Bands
  • Open Door policy
  • California (80)
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As a music producer, it’s your job to build a boy band that will outshine all the others. Recruit boys with different talents — singing, rapping, dancing, or simply being hot — and climb your way to the top by equipping your band with the right tools and sabotaging the competition.

Will you choose boys with a more traditional Youthful or Rebellious image, or appeal to a more niche market with Futuristic, Supernatural, and Emo boys?

Will you poach the perfect addition to your band from another producer, or send a shady character to set up an accident so that no one can have him?

Get your hands dirty behind the scenes in your fight to win the Battle of the Boy Bands!

Tags: Comical, Cute, Hijinx, Light, Modern, Player antagonism, Silly

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2 comments to Battle of the Boy Bands

  • Annabelle

    If I’m late start without me. I’m dropping a kid off at school that morning on the other side of the tunnel. The timing is cutting it close.

  • Ken Davidson

    I’ve been training by watching every Boy Band video I can find on YouTube on repeat. I have a list of all the top skills I will need to manage the BEST BOY BAND EVER!

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