Attack of the Media Moguls

Attack of the Media Moguls
  • Fri Oct 5, 7:00 PM - 1:00 AM
  • Greg Wirth and Sarah Hawklyn
  • Teenagers from Outer Space (Modified for LARP)
  • TFOS is an RPG, this is modified for LARPing
  • Highly Immature, possibly ridiculous.
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The Alien Brothers Xiggurkrakit, Media Moguls, have kidnapped the entire Junior and Senior Classes of Ferris Bueller High School!
Can the remaining members of FBHS’s various Clubs and Societies put aside their mutual antagonism and band together to save their friends (and the rest of the Juniors and Seniors) before the abductees are forced to sign lifetime contracts to appear on “Galactic Gladiators”, Xiggurkrakit Media’s hot new Reality Show?


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