• Sat Oct 14, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Wendy Gorman
  • Atlas
  • All Ages
  • X-card
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  • Characterless RPG


Atlas is a collaborative world-building game wherein players create a world by making a map together and recording important details. Play is all about the delightful sensation you get when you’re bouncing ideas back and forth, riffing off of each other’s thoughts, and becoming increasingly fascinated/horrified/delighted by what you are producing together. By the end of play you’ll have a deep and interesting world you can come back to later, either for future games, a creative writing endeavor, or the simple pleasure of oohing and aahing over your collective creativity.

Tags: Adventure, Alternate History, Beginners, Collaborative, Exploration, GM-less, Light, Rotating authority maps, world building

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  • Jim Liebich

    So very sorry, but I can’t make it to this game. I was looking forward to it, but am now unable to. I hope you all have a very good time, and I wish you a wonderful world-building experience.

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