Arsenic & Lies

Amy McClure Echeverri
  • LARP
System: Arsenic & Lies
Date: Oct 29 8:00pm (4 hours)
Room: Sandpebble A (39)
Spaces: 10
Attendee/Player Age: 18+
Safety Tools: X-card,Open Door Policy,Script Change,Cut/Brake
Characters: Created at the table
It's 1919 and you are at a cocktail party to die for. Not that you will. Of course not. Probably not. Definitely maybe not possibly. But you do get to solve the murder regardless of your corporeal state.

Arsenic & Lies is a published LARP, which you can read about here: Bring your Agatha Christie vibe and your sense of immersion. This LARP works best when everyone is very involved because as published, the game is loosey-goosey and light on rules. If you don't fully embrace role playing, this game won't be very fun.

This game doesn't have a GM, but I'll facilitate the rules to get us going. As always, I encourage costuming if you're in the mood to do so. I don't have anything from the era, but I do plan to wear something that makes me feel glamorous. I invite you to do the same.

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