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  • Fri Oct 11, 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Whitney Marie Delaglio
  • Panel
  • Adult Themes
  • California A (Panel)
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Join me for a discussion about creating art and content with underwater themes. I’ll talk about what inspired me to make my own aquatic game (Prism), and how I found solutions to the problems that come with applying an environment that’s not often used in RPGs.

Note: Since this will partly be a discussion about artwork, there will be mention of (queer friendly) sensuality since that is one of the themes of Prism.

Whitney M. Delaglio (she/her) is a lawful evil game designer, artist, and creator of the brand Little Wish Productions (LWP). She recently finished her first game, Prism, which is an aquatic RPG about sensuality, relationships, and conflict resolution. As a support class in the gaming community, she is an advocator of providing a safe space for intimacy and emotional vulnerability.

Tags: Cute, Fantasy, Romance, Sex and Sexuality

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