Another Cozy Den

Another Cozy Den
  • Sun Oct 13, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Jeanette Krushinski
  • A Cozy Den
  • Adult Themes
  • X-card, Lines/Veils
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Winter is a tough time! Food is scarce, the weather is cold, and all you want to do is get cozy.

That is why, every year, Lesbisnakes gather to spend the winter months together in dens. Each one has different needs and desires, whether that be cuddling with a new friend, wrestling to vent frustration, or having a movie night. Winter is still ever-present just outside, and sometimes complications arise in the quest for comfort. As a Lesbisnake, you will work together with your den-mates to create the coziest den possible that will last until Spring!

What is a Lesbisnake? They are half-human, half-snake, all lesbian!

If you are looking for a game this year where you can relax and enjoy a laidback experience where you portray lesbian snake-people, this is the game for you! Wearing comfy clothes or bringing a comfort item (pillow, blanket, stuffed animal, etc.) is encouraged, and tea will be provided!

Tags: Collaborative, Drama, Emotional, Fantasy, GM-less, LGBTQ themes, Romance, Sex and Sexuality

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