After hours

After hours
  • Sat Oct 6, 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Ken Moscardini
  • Fate
  • Modern setting
  • Adult
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  • 4
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It’s not the witching hour, it never is. See the bars close at 2 AM, the folks stagger home, perhaps with a new friend. That’s when we go to work, you never see us and if you did you would find you can’t quite recall. But without us many would die, that’s an honest assessment. We hunt, we are hunted, and we count any night we survive as a good night. What do we hunt you ask, those like us actually, very like us but with a touch of, well evil, the soul selling kind. We call them Tainted, they call us Paladins. Makes for a long night.


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