Accessibility in Gaming

Accessibility in Gaming
  • Fri Oct 11, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Megan Tolentino, Aser Tolentino, Mercedes Acosta, Anne Faye, Fen Slattery
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Join a group of accessibility experts to learn more about how to make your game, your table, and your gaming space more accessible and welcoming for everyone!


Megan Tolentino is a web developer by day and an RPG enthusiast…well all the time. She is a co-founder of The Redacted Files and The Amber Clave podcasts, and spends the rest of her free time working on RPG freelance writing. Megan is passionate about disability advocacy and is always working to learn more about how to incorporate accessibility standards in her work and share what she knows with others.

Aser Tolentino is an assistive technology instructor and licensed attorney. He is also a co-founder of The Redacted Files podcast and an occasional writer/designer for hire. He advocates for accessibility, guided by his personal experiences with visual impairment and the desire for everyone to have an opportunity to have fun on their own terms.

Mercedes Acosta is an Indigenous creator from the Tai’no nation. She primarily works in kids’ media and horror media; her background started in writing and comics and shifted into game design. She runs the Decolonizing Fantasy podcast where she speaks on ways to approach fantasy storytelling through a decolonial lens and create inclusive worlds and communities. She has experience GMing (with kids and adults) and roleplaying in TTRPG.

Anne Faye is a pronoun-flexible wheelchair user and poly-nerd from San Francisco. Missions include “helping conventions be more disability-inclusive”, “disaster preparedness”, “gaming”, “science fiction”, and “eating all the cheese.” Anne is Big Bad Con’s Accessibility Coordinator.

By day, Fen Slattery is the Accessibility Lead at Clique Studios, where they build beautiful things and work towards a more inclusive digital world. As part of their advocacy work, they have spoken across the US to audiences of all skill levels, been featured on many panels about inclusion in the tech industry, and have spread their passion for accessibility in mentorship of web professionals. Currently, they are a co-organizer for Chicago’s Digital Accessibility and Inclusive Design meetup, one of the largest community digital accessibility organizations worldwide. In their spare time, Fen authors LARPs, tabletop games, and zines.



Image credits: “a11ylogo500” by Terrill Thompson is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 .

Tags: GMing Advice, Social Contracts, Social Justice

2 comments to Accessibility in Gaming

  • Erica Riddick

    I am super bummed to cancel my spot in this panel. There is still come chance the Autoethonographic workshop I want to take Saturday will clear a spot, so I can transfer the Friday Autoethonographic workshop that conflicts with this accessibility panel. I am wondering if panelist may have information they intend to share with attendees that we can post in our Big Bad Community? It won’t be as good as being there, but I love how Big Bad Con is modeling being intentional and inclusive in the Big Bad World. I want as much of it as I can get so I can be a more of a Big Badass in the spaces I inhabit.

    • Megan Tolentino

      Hi Erica! We are going to record the panel and release the audio on The Redacted Files Podcast after BBC, so if you can’t make it you’ll still be able to hear what everyone has to say! I’ll make sure to share the link and any resources we bring up in the BBC discord.

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