A Week in SF: Wednesday

A Week in SF: Wednesday
  • Wed Oct 11, 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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  • Exploring the city and playing games!
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Hi folks! We’re the Week in SF team for Big Bad Con. This will be taking place from October 10th to the 12th. We synthesized the responses from the interest form and have a few announcements to make.

Confirmation + Lodging. To begin with, please confirm you are attending by filling out this survey by August 7th. If you were unsure about attendance because of lodging, the survey will help us find a host for you (see below).

Events. We’ll have an apartment in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco as our permanent homebase from 11AM to 11PM each day. This apartment will be always open for hanging out,casual games and coworking throughout the day. In addition, we will have a schedule of events for excursions around the city. All folks are welcome to hang out and/or play games at home base, join any excursions, or step away for a while at any time. Feel free to schedule your own impromptu games or outings at the same time as the official events (we will open up a group for scheduling closer to the date to make sure late additions aren’t excluded), and feel free to use homebase.

Here is our preliminary schedule.

Lodging. Our goal is to provide everyone who needs it an option for lodging in SF that fits their budget during these three days. We have a number of kind folks who have offered to open their hearts and couches to folks who need it. We are also looking for hosts local to the SF Bay Area to offer lodging and/or bedding supplies – reply to this email if you’re able to host or share supplies.

Once again, we ask that everyone who is actively making plans to attend any Week in SF events please fill out the form here by August 7th so that we can plan accordingly.

That should be everything we need for now! Looking forward to seeing you folks in October.

When you click “Book Now” an email will be sent to the Week in SF organizers and they will get in touch with you directly.

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