A Sea of Red

Peter Vogel
  • RPG
System: Fear Itself (GUMSHOE)
Date: Oct 30 9:00am (4 hours)
Spaces: 4
Attendee/Player Age: 18+
Safety Tools: X-card,Cut/Brake,Script Change
Characters: Provided
You are the founders of a fledgling startup, driving to Las Vegas for a critical business conference. You have found yourselves stuck in a rare desert rainstorm, a storm so bad that the highways are now backed up for miles. You've been trying alternate routes to get around the jam, but every route just ends in another endless stream of tail lights.

Everyone is tired, and frustrated, and there isn't even a decent rest stop nearby. But now it looks like there is something up ahead, there are police lights in the far distance. Is it an accident? A checkpoint? Is there flooding up ahead? You saw something that looked like helicopters in the distance a while back, spotlights scanning the hills, maybe someone got lost in the storm? Now people seem to be getting out of their cars, walking back and forth. They look... funny. Hunched, moving in ways that don"t seem natural.

Maybe the stress is getting to you. It"s difficult to see through all this rain, after all. But... why is the guy in the next car staring back at you?
Content Advisory!
Body Horror, Paranoia
Tags: Horror Suspenseful Investigation

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