A Richer Tapestry: Global Worldbuilding

Pam Punzalan, Basheer Ghouse, Kandi Williams, Viditya Voleti, Indrani Ganguly
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Date: Apr 1
5:10am (duration 00:50)
What does truly diverse worldbuilding look like? How can you incorporate real-life cultures within your game world… and do it in a sensitive manner? Join these creators as they share their insight into how they incorporate their cultures in their game design.


Pam Punzalan (she/they) is a queer Filipino designer whose personal work explores themes of intimacy, rebellion, loss, reclamation, and the many different shades of violence. Beyond design, she is an editor, sensitivity & cultural consultant, and advocate for RPGSEA (Roleplaying Games Southeast Asia). Participating in the building of multiple, diverse tables for the tabletop game industry is a deeply important engagement for her, and she has had the pleasure of being part of the organizing teams of Play Without Apology, a queer-centric collective in the Philippines, and Session Zero Online, an RPGSEA-centric convention for Southeast Asian game designers and enthusiasts. She has written for Evil Hat, Paizo, Wizards of the Coast, and Renegade Games Studio.

Basheer Ghouse (he/him) is a writer, game designer, and cultural consultant based out of San Jose, California. His work focuses on political history and realities, body horror, and absurdist humor. He is currently working on Guns Blazing, a dieselpunk RPG about fighting colonial powers and monsters in an alternate 1920s, which hits Kickstarter on March 29th.

Kandi J. Williams (she/her) is the Black queer nerdy executive producer and GM for the Dicey Amazons Twitch channel. She has a passion for all games (tabletop, board, and video). She also writes and designs TTRPGs and comics.

Viditya Voleti (he/him) is a QPOC, South Asian, interactive artist and game designer who loves to mess with play and interactive media! His own games are never the same, always iterating or trying out new ideas and approaches to what TTRPGs can be. He primarily loves making collaborative worldbuilding games and explorations into GMless and GM-Agnostic design.


Indrani Ganguly (she/they) is the co-founder of Desis & Dragons, India's largest tabletop RPG community. Under the moniker Nonagon Dice, she also became India's first handmade dice maker. Indrani is also a fledgling game designer. She is based out of Mumbai, India. As a young, queer person of color, Indrani is incredibly passionate about bringing equity to the Indian gaming industry–especially to underrepresented minorities within India with equitable opportunities. Through Desis & Dragons, Indrani, and her two co-founders have worked to spread international awareness about India’s TTRPG creators, as well as grow the nascent hobby within India. Indrani’s game-changing work within the Indian game industry has been featured in multiple reputable newspapers and magazines such as Polygon, Wired, IGN India, and Mid-Day India. Indrani is a part of The Game Awards Future Class of 2022, a cohort of 50 individuals that "represent the bright, bold, and inclusive future of video games". She is the Marketing & Communications Lead at Pariah Interactive (an independent game studio based out of Mumbai & NYC), the Marketing Manager at Hunters Entertainment (developers of Alice is Missing, Kids on Bikes), and the Socials Lead at Publishing Goblin Games (developers of the upcoming TTRPG, Confluence).

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