A Repo Job

V.J. Harris
  • All Ages
  • RPG
System: Orbital Blues
Date: TBD
Spaces: 5
Attendee/Player Age: 13+
Safety Tools: Lines/Veils,Open Door Policy
Characters: Created at the table
This is the rock and roll future of yesteryear that never was—and nobody wanted.

It is an intergalactic age of cowboys, outlaws and bandits playing on an interstellar stage. It is a time of hyper-capitalism and a cut-throat gig economy. Unreliable trash-heaps carry scrappy underdogs to their next gig, and corporation freighters lumber across the horizon laden with an empire's bounty.

These are the music-fueled, moon-age daydreams of a rebel space age.

These are your ORBITAL BLUES.

The crew of the Vortex has consistently undercut and robbed you of your repo bounties. But finally you've got the advantage a little tip about a TZ-9000, a vintage cruiser that's well overdue and worth a lot of credits.

Race to get the repo before the job is officially posted and deal with any obstacles in your way!

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Illustration of Little Red

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