A Mirage of Spice and Stone

  • RPG
System: DUNE - Adventures in the Imperium
Date: Oct 29 2:00pm (4 hours)
Spaces: 6
Attendee/Player Age: 18+
Safety Tools:
Characters: Provided
Arrakis. Dune. Desert Planet.
Rumors claim that a large spice hauler has been brought down in the near desert. A planet's ransom of spice laying on the desert waiting to be claimed by anyone bold enough to get it. Such a bounty of spice can change the fortunes of a minor house or save a declining house from ruin. Thus you, Agents of House S'Taahl, have joined the race to find, and take this cargo, in the name of your House.

You only need survive the Fremen, House Harkonnen, rival Agents, the Desert itself, and Sandworms to take a fortune, and become legends.
Tags: Intrigue Investigation

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Illustrations by Eden Parkinson
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