A Home in the Stars

A Home in the Stars
  • Sat Oct 12, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Gilbert Songalia
  • Generations
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You are the first or the last. Space travelers on board a generational ship headed to a home you may never see. Are you the first of your generation or the third or the last? Generations focuses on the impact and continuity that a single generation leaves behind. You are starfarers, leaving a home that no longer yours for another that may never be yours.

Generations is a new game inspired by world builder games like Downfall, Microscope, and A Quiet Year. Instead of playing from top down perspective you play the lives of an individual colonist as they live and breathe through some of their most pivotal moments.

We will play from setup all the way through an entire Generation.

Tags: Adventure, Collaborative, Drama, Exploration, Improv, Mystery, Sci-Fi

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  • Luthien

    Hey folks, I’m really sorry but I’m burned out and can’t handle a late night game tonight. I have to bow out. I hope you all have a great time!

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