A Cool and Lonely Courage

A Cool and Lonely Courage
  • Fri Oct 11, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Laurel Halbany
  • A Cool and Lonely Courage
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A Cool and Lonely Courage is a tragic story game about the heroic women who volunteered as British agents in occupied France. Together we will tell the stories of these brave women’s lives, and their courage and sacrifice.

It is the Second World War. France has fallen to the Nazis, and Churchill decides to disrupt Hitler’s war machine in the occupied countries. He forms a volunteer group with one mission: to set Europe ablaze. The Special Operations Executive (SOE) — sometimes called the “Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare” — recruits agents from all walks of life to carry out clandestine and dangerous missions in occupied Europe.

The SOE is keen to recruit women. Captain Jepson, their senior recruiting officer, believes “they had a cool and lonely courage” which particularly suited them to the isolated and dangerous undercover work in France. Women primarily worked as couriers and wireless operators but took part in all kinds of operations. It was extraordinarily dangerous. One-third of the women who worked in occupied France were captured and killed.

Players don’t need any historic knowledge to play. Characters are created at the table and the game uses a simple card-based mechanic to guide the story.

Tags: Collaborative, Dark, Drama, Emotional, Serious

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