573rd Intergalactic Wicket Gala

Jenn Martin
  • All Ages
  • LARP
  • Workshop
System: Social Event
Date: TBD
Spaces: 24
Attendee/Player Age: 13+
Safety Tools: Open Door Policy,X-card
Characters: Other/Does not apply
We are overjoyed to announce the 573rd Intergalactic Wicket Gala will be held on the Second Slivsday of Sohol (Thursday, September 28th, 2023 for Terrans), where fashionable and popular it-beings will attend and compete!

The Intergalactic Wicket Gala is the party of parties. Fashionable and famous beings from all over the Universe gather to see and be seen, and compete in the festivities. This is, of course, a fancy dress event- meaning you simply must wear whatever makes you feel fancy. We all know it's translation is difficult in a multi-species Universe, so we defer to you to answer that question for yourself.

We all remember the huge upset during the last gala, when Tromgack Willnois triumphed over N. (second name unreproducible in text) with a sextuple peel (SXP) in overtime! And what an interesting way they wrapped their breathtaking holo-silk shirt on their third left arm!

No food or drinks will be served.

(This event is inspired by the Tumblr Goncharov and Tik Tok dabloon memes, and is meant to be a playful, collaborative social event. We will have foam croquet sets for 12 players at a time, but the rules will be made up on the spot and the points don"t count. Wear whatever makes you feel fancy/good/etc- no actual fashion criticism allowed.)

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