The Wolf enters Game Chef 2010

If it has been quiet on the Big Bad Front, it’s only because The Wolf has been busy in the kitchen cooking up a game for Game Chef 2010.  1 Week, 1 theme and four secret ingredients yield: Burning Your Skin

For more information on Game Chef, check it out here

Big Bad News – Gazebo signed!

The contract for the Gazebo (and accompanying hotel) was signed today. Registration will be up next week!

Under Construction

Hey everyone… currently working on the site so please have patience if things look a little weird for the next few hours… thanks!

The Wolf: In the Pixel

Katie has sent me over some theme boards and they’re amazing. We’re going with some variation of the first, but they are all so great, The Wolf needs to brag. Look at his awesomeness.

Going Public!

As this is the first live post, welcome!

Here’s the plan. I’m going to put on an awesome three day con next year (October 7-9, 2011). I’m starting small (looking for 200 attendees) and will focus on RPGs and LARPs. So far the support I’ve received from friends, other convention hosts, hotels and retail stores has been amazing. Now I’m opening it up to everyone and I want to hear what you think.

There is still a lot to work out. Where exactly will this con be? The Hilton in Oakland and the Four Points in Pleasonton are both eager to host the event so I’d like to hear your opinions. Also, I’m trying a first-come, first-served sign up system, which I know is a big change from a shuffler at Dundra and Kubla (more about this on the About page).

Let me know what you think. Comment here. Email me ( Post on our Facebook wall. Or most preferably send a tweet to @bigbadcon

Support the con.  First and foremost, if you’re going to attend let me know. It will be great to hear.  If you’re not going to come, I’d like to know that as well (especially if you can tell me why).  If you’re interested in doing more click on the Volunteer page to run a game, or send me an email if you want to help out with running the event itself.

Staying at the Hotel? This is a big one. To really make this work, I’ve got to make sure at least 50 guest rooms are booked in the hotel. That is the only make or break deal I’ve got. If 50+ rooms get rented BBC2 happens next year, which is something I really want to have happen. So, let me know if you plan to stay in the hotel, it will make a HUGE difference.