Player feedback winners announced!

The Wolf received 237 Player Feedback forms. His eyes got so tired reading them all he had to borrow grandma’s glasses!

The feedback was great though. A lot of great ideas on how to make Big Bad Con 2012 even better.

After tallying all the entries, and with some aid from, The Wolf randomly picked three players from the stack!

And the winners of the Big Bad Con 2011 Player Feedback Drawing are:

Brian Corbin, Bruce Harlick, and Eric Zimmerman

Congratulations to the three of you and thanks to everyone who submitted feedback, it is incredibly valuable for planning for next year!

Last chance to order Big Bad Con T-shirts

If you missed getting a t-shirt at the con, here’s another chance to do it. Cut off date is 10/16, as I’ll be ordering the shirts (so I can get them out to everyone on time) after that.

Update: Ordering closed. Shirts will be shipping out a in a few weeks.

Big Bad Con 2011 – A Huge Success

Thank you everyone who made Big Bad Con such an success. There is no way it would have happened without all of you coming and making it awesome.

I’m going to break from the voice of “The Wolf” for a moment and tell you that this event was like my birthday, Christmas and New Years all at once. I being in an environment of people gaming and enjoying themselves. Throughout the con I heard laughs, shouts, and huzzahs that told me, without a doubt, people were having a great time. Being part of the event that made that happen was a privilege and an honor for me.

I learned a lot this year and have a lot to consider about how to run Big Bad Con 2012, but one thing I can say for sure, it will happen and it will ROCK!

Today The Wolf rests, and enjoys the “Fantastic French Toast” from Cafe du Soleil.

Big Bad Con 101: What you need to know before heading out.

You’re coming to Big Bad Con! Awesome.

Here are some important Con 101 reminders:

Before you head out

Bring non-perishable food for donation. Big Bad Con will have a food barrel for the Alameda County Community Food Bank at the registration desk. Please bring a can of something tasty for all the hungry folks in the Bay and we’ll give you a pin! Here is a list of food they are looking for (PDF)

Directions: Here is a link to the hotel on Google Maps. Lost on the road. The Hotel’s number is: 510-635-5000

Contact Information: In a bind and need to contact us? You can tweet @bigbadcon or send an email to Once you’re on site there will be staff members and volunteers in the registration area and open gaming. Just stop by and we’ll be happy to help.

At the con

Hungry? The program has a list of nearby food; you can also access a Google Map of nearby eating here.

Where to go? Hotel check-in is in Building 1. The convention is in Building 5. You can find a map of the building on the hotel page.

Parking. Parking is complimentary for all attendees. If you are staying at the hotel, your room key will get you in and out of the lot. If you’re commuting to the con, we have passes at the registration desk, just ask for one when you get your badge

Internet. Unfortunately building 5 (where the con is) does not have wireless access. Wired internet access is available in the rooms for $12.95/day or you can get free wireless in the hotel lobby, restaurant and bar.

Registration: If you signed up before 10/4 (either paid admission or volunteered) your badge will be ready for you at the door. If not weekend passes are $50 and one day passes are $25. You can purchase these at the con registration desk.


Sign-ups: Many games have already been filled through online sign-ups. To get into any of the games that still have openings, or to sign up for scheduled games in Open Gaming, just put your name down on the game sheet at the registration desk. Like we did it on the website, all open games will be first come, first served. The current day’s games will be posted on the wall, and updated for the next day at 8PM.

Open Gaming: All the game slots full and nothing to? Head over to Open Gaming in the Empire Room, where we’ll have awesome games running all weekend!

Content Policy: The con is 18 and over; we expect games to cover the gamut of gonzo silly to very mature themes. More detail is on our content policy page.

Schedule: The game schedule is online here as a PDF or Google Doc.

Surviving at the Con

Sleep, eat and shower. In the excitement of gaming it is easy to forget some of the basics. The 3-2-1 con rule is a good one. Every day you need at least 3 hours of sleep, 2 meals, and 1 shower.

Big Bad Con Content Standards

Big Bad Con defines all games maturity levels based on the information supplied by the GM. Big Bad Con does not review GM scripts and cannot guarantee that GMs will always conform to the maturity they specify, though Big Bad Con does expect this of all GMs. We hope these ratings will be helpful in selecting games players are most likely to enjoy.

On the Other Hand…

GMs are not responsible for the behavior of players in the game. They are not baby-sitters, and they are not to be held accountable for offensive behavior by any player. If a player is consistently breaking rules, playing in a manner that exceeds the game’s stated maturity level, engaging in what the GM considers excessive conduct of any sort, or is harassing any other player out-of-character, and does not stop the objectionable actions when asked, Big Bad Con delegates to the GM the right to ask that player leave the game. GMs are expected to use this power only as a last resort. If the GM doesn’t feel comfortable ejecting a player, please find a Big Bad Con staff member who will do so.

If you have any questions about how these policies are applied may tweet @bigbadcon or send an email to before the convention, or any staff member during the convention, for assistance or clarification. In all cases, our primary intent is to facilitate a game-playing experience that is positive for all participants, especially GMs, and our decisions on applying policy will be made with that intent foremost.