Big Bad Con is next week – here’s how to prepare!

You’re coming to Big Bad Con! Awesome. Before you get on the road, here’s a few things to know about the con:

Support FBCCS! Bring non-perishable food

Big Bad Con collects food for the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano County as part of our community outreach. The FBCCS provides food to over 190,000 people per month. You can support them by bringing out non-perishable food (especially items on this shopping list) to the con.

Get into more games

During the con if you want to add an event or need to cancel out of one (please only do so if you really can’t make it), you can do so from either your mobile device or one of the kiosk computers we have set up at the registration desk. You can also stay connected with our Discord server!

You can also stop by the Contra Costa room to play in Games on Demand. There’s a variety of systems to choose from! You can see the full list of games on offer and GMs running them online. Start times are listed here, but remember to show up about 10 minutes early to get into a game.

How to get to the con

Big Bad Con is hosted in the Walnut Creek Marriott. Depending on where you’re coming from, there are several ways to get to us.

Driving: the hotel is right off Interstate 680. Get driving directions here. Note that parking is normally $23/day, but the convention rate is $10/day. Not all of the valets may be aware of the rate reduction but the hotel staff will make sure you’re billed the discounted rate.

Flying: Depending on your flight, you might be landing in either Oakland International Airport (OAK) or San Francisco International Airport (SFO). Both airports have BART (subway) stations attached to them, so you can hop on a train and go to the hotel!

Public Transportation: If at all possible we recommend taking BART to get to the hotel. The Walnut Creek Station is a 12-minute walk away, or you can call the hotel shuttle service (925-934-2000) for a pickup.

For more information about getting to the hotel and to book a room, check out the Hotel page.

Need assistance? Here’s how to get in touch

There will be volunteers (wearing yellow handkerchiefs) in all the major event areas and at the registration desk. If you need assistance or run into any trouble, they are there to help!

If you want to contact the staff, feel free to email us at or call (510) 646-0073. We’re around all con long!

Community standards

Everyone at the con (attendees, volunteers, vendors, staff, and GMs) must adhere to the Community Standards policy.

The con is open to all attendees 13 and older. Guests 13-17 will need waiver signed by a parent or guardian when they pick up their badge. More information here.

Staying healthy and happy during the con

In the excitement of gaming it is easy to forget some of the basics. The 3-2-1 rule is a good one. Every day you need at least 3 hours of sleep, 2 meals, and 1 shower. We also have a quiet room (room 599) available if you need a little quiet time as well!

Up for some exercise? The Wolf Run is open to all who can stumble out of bed by 7AM. It’s our opportunity to not only get in some exercise, but also bring a little more aid to Doctors Without Borders, via the Crowdrise fundraiser!

So excited! See you at the con!

Event signups go live this Saturday 9/8 at 12PM PST!

The moment is upon us. Big Bad Con event signups are about to start and here’s everything you need to know to get into your favorite games, panels, and special events!

When do signups start?

Saturday 9/8 at 12PM PST

What do you need to signup?

To signup for events, you need a badge! You can verify your existing badge here, or if you still need one, purchase it here.

How does it work?

Go to any of the events listed on our event page and, if there is an opening, click the Book Now button at the bottom of the event page. That’s it. You’re in!

You can confirm the events you’re signed up for by going to My Bookings.

How many events can you sign up for?

Not everyone is available the moment signups open. So we’ve instituted signup phases, approximately one week apart to give everyone a chance to get into games. At each phase you can book into more events:

Phase I (Saturday 9/8 12PM PST) — Everyone can sign up for a maximum of 2 events.
Phase II (Monday 9/17 7PM PST) — Everyone can sign up for a maximum of 4 events.
Phase III (Sunday 9/23 7PM PST) — Event signups have no maximum limit.

A few things to note:

Games held in the Teen Room are open only to teens for the first two weeks of registration. After which, they are open to everyone.
Events marked All Ages are available to all attendees, including teens, but they do not get priority.
Events you’re running don’t count against your limit.
Some specific events (Wolf Chase, panels, workshops, large larps) don’t count against your limit either.

For more information on signing up for games and full list of quota exempt games, head over here.

We’re so excited about Big Bad Con this year and we’re looking forward to seeing you there. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!

Going Beyond the Code of Conduct

Our very own Nathan Black was a keynote speaker at Living Games. Here is his presentation about the code of conduct and Big Bad World:

Big Bad Outreach in July

On July 13th, the Big Bad Outreach GMs Beth Daggert, Ezra Denny, Colin Fahrion, Karen Twelves, and Jeeyon Shim headed out to University Village at Albany to run games for the teens there! We played One Night Werewolf, Paranoia, 11pm Metal Showcase, and Star Force.

That for hosing us UVA, and thanks for playing great game with us UVA teens! We’re looking forward to seeing you in October!

Countdown to Big Bad Con

Here’s a handy list of dates so you’ll know when everything Big Bad Con is happening. These dates will be updated and refined as we get closer to the con.

May 29 – June 30: Big Bad Con Kickstarter

July 1: Big Bad Con Scholarship application opens.

July 13: Big Bad Outreach event at the University Village in Albany

July 26: BackerKit surveys going out. Pre-order open!

August 15: Event submissions close (until then, submit your events here)

August 15: Big Bad Con Scholarship application closes.

August 28: Event schedule published. Badge verification enabled.

August 31: BackerKit surveys due.

September: Big Bad Online games scheduled.

September 8 at 12PM PST: Phase One of game registration will go live. More info on sign ups here.

September 15: Scholarship funds distributed

September 17 at 7PM PST: Phase Two of game registration will go live. More info on sign ups here.

September 20: The Big Bad Con group rate at the Marriott ends (until then, book a room here).

September 23 at 7PM PST: Phase Two of game registration will go live. More info on sign ups here.

October 11: 6PM the doors open. Come get your badge and join in our social events and pickup games.

October 12: 9AM our first games start.

October 14: 8PM our last games end.

October 15: We start planning for 2019!