Big Bad Lodging (update 9/11/2013)

Grandma's HouseAs many folks have probably found out the hard way, the room block for Big Bad Con has filled up. We’re working our little goat tails off trying to get more rooms added, but it’s slow going. Raiders are storming Oakland that weekend and instead of pillaging gold and treasures, they are taking up rooms at the Hilton (read: Football weekend).

Our recommendation is to book a room at the normal con rate ($159/night) and then stay tuned for updates about new blocks opening. If they do, you can cancel your standard rate booking and book under the con rate.

Note: I’ve been told if/when they do open a new block it may not be at the $99 date, but should still be less than $159.

Update as of 9/13/2013 – We have rooms. More details here.

Double Rooms at the Hilton are still available!

Grandma's House

Update: 4 more rooms freed up!

The good news is that we’re hitting all our numbers and filling up rooms at the hotel. The bad news is some people still want to stay and we’ve booked almost every double room in the hotel!

If you are looking for a single king bed or a room with two doubles book at the con rate ($95/night) at the Hilton: Book Here.

As of this update (11AM PST 10/18) we have three rooms with double bed and three rooms with king beds left. Get them while you can!

Gaming with style…and privacy!

This room, minus the beds, plus a gaming table!

While The Wolf may like the raucous hub-bub of gaming in the open, Little Red prefers a bit more seclusion in her RPG venue. This year, by popular demand, Big Bad Con has added nine private rooms for RPGs, ni additon to the existing four boardrooms we had last year. This means if you have your pyschological horror game that needs low lighting and eerie music, it’s yours! If you make a lot of noise and want a private space so you don’t distrub the neighbors, it’s yours! If you need a room to hide the bodies of your players… well, talk to The Wolf on that one. He’s dealt with the woodsman before.

Space is limited. If you would like a private room, please head over to Run a Game and check the “request private room” box if you need one. Submit your game soon while space lasts!

Rooms now available for Big Bad Con!

Grandma's HouseHey all, rooms are now available for Big Bad Con!

Book now!

Benefits of having a room include being closer to the games, license to drink without worrying about driving, helping out the con (we need 50 rooms booked to put on the event), and this year, a special perk – An “I slept in Grandma’s House” pin. To claim your special prize, book a room and then comment below letting me know you did. I’ll have the pin already attached on your lanyard when you show up for the con!

For more information on the hotel, and eating in the area, check out the Hotel Info page.


Eating is important. It’s what gives you the energy you need to play games, chase little red, and blow down houses. The Wolf recommends you follow the 3-2-1 rule. Every day you need 3 hours of sleep, 2 meals and 1 shower.

To help you out with that, here’s a map of the local eateries (all within walking or hotel shuttle distance):