A few ways to get a badge for BBC 2019

Badge sales are closed but we still have a few ways to attend Big Bad Con!

Update as of 9/16

All of our volunteer shifts are now full. Thank you to all of the Rangers who signed up!

Run games in Games on Demand

We’ve got just a handful of GM slots open in Games on Demand too! At the top of the GoD page we have the slots that are open (mostly morning and evening). If you’ve got two games you’re excited to run and those times work for you, we’d love to have you!

To sign up: GM in Games on Demand

Run Games on the Schedule

Through a lot of negotiation and shuffling of storage rooms (all those beds have to go somewhere!) we’ve freed up a few more event spaces, which means we can take a few more games on the schedule! During the open slots we’re accepting these games (which were the ones most highly in demand):


Afterlife: Wandering Souls
Band of Blades
Dream Askew
Fall of Magic
Girl by Moonlight
Girl Underground
Good Society
Into the Dark
Invisible Sun
Jiangshi in the Banquet Hall
Kids on Bikes
Monsterhearts 2
Ribbon Drive
Royal Blood
Scum and Villainy
Tales from the Loop
The King Is Dead
The Quiet Year
Under Hollow Hills


But Not Tonight
Pressure Drop
Sky Deck
Storm Cellar

If you’d like to any of these, head over here to Run an Event!

If you’d like to run a game that isn’t on this list, please email events@bigbadcon.com. We’re going to first focus on getting more of these games on the roster and then evaluate the space we still have before considering others.


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