Big Bad Con 2018 planning is underway!

Here’s a few things we’ve already arranged:

  • Contract with the Marriott signed. We’re on for October 12-14.
  • An extra day of the con! October 11 with will be pre-con day with open gaming, badge pickup, and some get-to-know-you special events!
  • The hotel booking link and game submissions are underway.
  • The 2017 feedback is in! We’ll be posting our planned improvements for 2018 soon!
  • New art for Little Red and The Wolf has been commissioned from the amazing Eden Parkinson (who did our 2017 art). Can’t wait to see what she cooks up!

Mark your calendars to be in Walnut Creek in October, it’s going to be awesome!

Some great pictures from 2017. Click here to see them all!

Big Bad Blog

BigBadCon’s Big Bad Event: “Gazebo Deathmatch”

A terrible and mighty Gazebo lairs on the grounds of the Oakland Airport Hilton, terrifying in its silent mockery of all life… dare to face the Gazebo, and great prizes will be yours. Read More

“Want to game?”

What I believe?

There is a euphoria I experienced the first time I went to a con.  It was KublaCon 2003, I believe their first or second year at the Hyatt.  I walked down those lobby steps and felt a flood excitement wash over me.  This was the place I belonged.  This was a Read More

Big Bad News: Gazebo Deathmatch, Food and Filming

Hey all, The Wolf waited till he had a solid subject to talk about and ended up with three! Here it is.  More news on the Gazebo Deathmatch, questions about food at the con as well as filming it.

The Wolf enters Game Chef 2010

If it has been quiet on the Big Bad Front, it’s only because The Wolf has been busy in the kitchen cooking up a game for Game Chef 2010.  1 Week, 1 theme and four secret ingredients yield: Burning Your Skin

For more information on Game Chef, check it out here


Eating is important. It’s what gives you the energy you need to play games, chase little red, and blow down houses. The Wolf recommends you follow the 3-2-1 rule. Every day you need 3 hours of sleep, 2 meals and 1 shower.

To help you out with that, here’s a map of the local Read More