The Mountain Witch

  • Fri Oct 17, 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Arnold Cassell
  • The Mountain Witch
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As you watch the night sky start to gray over what appears to be a sea of clouds, you recall how you ended up on top of the icy slopes of Mount Fuji. As a ronin, you were use to a hard and lonely life, traveling from village to village, looking for whatever employment you could find. So naturally, when you were approached this time you quickly accepted the offer, though not fully realizing what you were getting into. Now you find yourself far from help on top this cold rock preparing for an assault on O-Yanma, the Mountain Witch himself. At your side is a group of men you neither know nor want to know. A group of men who all carry a similar story as yourself.

Who knows what the dawn of this day will bring? How will desperate men incapable of trust react when their only means of survival is to rely on each other?

Tags: Adult themes, Adventure, Dark, Emotional, Fantasy, Intrigue

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2 comments to The Mountain Witch

  • Arnold Cassell

    Heck yeah, I’d play that game.

    Another method for assigning “Dark Fates” is to pass them around, and let each player just write down the fate that they want. In that instance, you are sure to get the one you want, but you are also not guaranteed to each have a unique fate.

    (Something to try next time perhaps.)

  • Thanks so much for running, Arnold, and everyone for the play. It was amazing.

    I stayed up all night, after the game, thinking about the ending. *laughs* I realized it was what Mizufuchi had to do, as she was honor-bound to overthrow the new regime and install her Lord’s son/cousin/distant relative as the new Lord, so she couldn’t throw her life away going after the new Witch…

    …but I could totally see, five years later, after she’d managed to install the new hierarchy, trained and oversaw someone she trusted to take her place, that she would go to her Lord and petition to be retired from his service because of her disability.

    And all this time, Mizufuchi has dreamed of slender, cool fingers touching hers about the teacup…

    A week later, she shows up on the Eastern slope of Mount Fuji, with five hired ronin and the promise of the usual bounty, her robe of white and her sword of snow, and all she’d learned from the time she went up and arrived at the top unwounded. When the sun hit the peak, she’d start up again.

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